You have got to be kidding me…

I picked up a nice new 20” iMac this last week – one of the new dual-core intel-based Macs – and let me tell you, it rocks!

Not only does it run OSX, which is literally light-years ahead of Windows, but it also runs Windows when I need it.

So I’ve gotten it all hooked back up to my music stuff and have pounded out the basics for another track to my album project already.

I’ve also re-loaded PhotoShop and have been kicking around some art ideas – Though I’ll have to get another drafting table, a scanner, and possibly a lightbox before the art begins to flow once more.

There are also some short stories floating around in my rather addled brain that might see the light of day here in the near future as well.

Life is pretty good. I’ve been working a lot on some rather complicated projects, but they changed the way billing works now and I get a better cut of the miracles I produce.

The car is running great, though gas is too expensive for me to really go anywhere in it so I still spend a lot of time at home… I wind up playing way too much “World of Warcraft”, but it’s the cheaper alternative right now.

I did take some time to drive up to Central City after one of my analyst visits a few weeks ago – too bad Central City is *gone*… It’s nothing but casinos now, even the old ‘main drag’ of the town which had all those really cool little stores has been replaced by multi-million dollar gambling halls.

Zeze, Aryntha, Rai and I also took a drive up to Estes Park a few weeks back hoping to have dinner at “Fusion 451” again – too bad the restaurant has been remodeled into *another* “western steak place”…

All in all things are ok. Time is passing and the things I remember from years gone by are slowly being ‘modernized’ out of existence… I suppose I need to find some new stuff to remember fondly.

So there ya have it – the update. See you all again soon, hopefully sooner than 30 days this time. 😉